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How to Buy a Knife Sharpener for Your Kitchen

August 6, 2014

You can come across a number of problem in the kitchen if you end up using a dull knife. The knife won’t be able to cut through certain foods very well, and can lead to dangerous situations. Pushing down on food with a dull knife can cause the blade to slip off the surface instead of cutting into it, injuring your nearby hand or fingers instead. Properly sharpening your knives will prevent any unpredictable accidents like this.

A properly maintained knife will perform with ease and help keep the kitchen safe and controlled. Safety isn’t the only factor to consider for keeping your knives sharp, though. You’ll also be able to prolong a knife’s shelf life when you regularly refine its edge. If you haven’t already determined how you want to sharpen your knives, you can choose from a number of different devices to purchase.

Electric Sharpening Devices are Convenient

When you use an electric sharpener, keeping your knives in great shape becomes effortless. All you have to do is to turn the machine on and run your knife through the slots. Depending on the machine, the slots can either work on one or both sides of the blade at a time.

Cheaper machines will often have many different slots for specific blades, while more pricey machines will usually have a couple of adjustable slots with diamond grinders. If you want to keep your knives intact for as long as possible, make sure you obtain a machine that will sharpen both sides of the blade simultaneously. This can form burrs instead of a completely smooth surface, or inconsistencies between the two sides of the knife.

The more luxurious machines provide the minimal amount of slots that work both sides of a blade using interlocking wheels. This allows for equal results between each side of the blade, and less time you have to spend holding the knife in place. The first slot of any machine will usually grind out the top layer of the blade so it is reset for the refining stage. You’ll then use the second slot to refine the edge to create the sharpest blade possible, just like when you first bought it.

Choose the machine with the best reputation if you’re thinking of buying an electric knife sharpener. You can read reviews of all sorts of brands and models on content-specific sites like Kitchen Mastery. At these sites, you can compare all sorts of prices and features, along with ratings on all your favourite options.

Manual Sharpening Devices Provide Unique Control

Manual knife sharpeners are great options if you’re on a budget. As long as you know how to utilize it, a $20 device is good enough to make your knife perfectly sharp. If you do indeed have the skills to use them, you’ll end up noticing that manual devices sharpen your knives better than automatic ones. You can use your skill to control sharpening the blade left and right equally.

There are many different forms of manual sharpeners available to you. Honing rods are one of the options that allow you to hold it in your hand while you fine-tune a blade’s edge, and water stones allow you to both reset and refine the blade’s edge as a multi-purpose device.

As mentioned before, you need to become adept with manual sharpeners if you want to use them properly. If you aren’t experienced with these types of devices, it might be best for you to start with old knives that you wouldn’t mind making mistakes with. Make sure to move onto more valuable knives once you’ve really honed your skills.

Angle Adjustment is Incredibly Important

Besides choosing the device itself, having the ability to adjust your sharpening angles is paramount. All blades are structured at different angles to perform their specific jobs as best as possible. For example, a thin paring knife is designed to precisely fillet fish. The edge of these knives will be angled differently than the edge of a general chef’s knife, which is manufactured for a broad spectrum of uses.

You should adhere to all the recommended angles knife manufacturers provide, seeing as they are professionals in their craft. Most devices will also provide a list of instructions for specific types of knives that you can refer to. If the angles aren’t included with your device, you can easily go online and do a simple search or call up the manufacturer to ask.

Another factor you must consider is that the material of the device you use has to always be harder than that of your knife. Most likely, the knife you have is made of stainless or ordinary steel, and therefore it will be safe to use any sharpener consisting of a diamond grinder and a refiner made of ceramic. If you go through all the various top rated utensils device options and believe you can adhere to the specific instructions noted here, you’ll have no problem finding a great device for all your knife sharpening needs.